Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy have both been turned into video games this year. Rather than be content with these adaptations, though, I can't help but think how many other shows I'd love to see become games as well.

Here are six television shows that would make great games. With each show, I tried to describe how to structure these games as well.

Genre: Cooking Game

The easiest idea for a Hannibal game would be an adventure game starring an FBI investigator. However, it would be more interesting to put us in the shoes of Hannibal himself. We don't even need to do the killing; just his usual routine of making his victim's remains into gourmet meals would be enough of a challenge. Players will go through the elaborate process of turning lungs into flambé or liver into foie gras au torchon. Sure, it's a bit gross but the photos will be fantastic.

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