Horror games are all the rage these days, with games like Outlast and Five Nights at Freddy's delivering scares to hordes of players. However, before the horror genre's recent revival, there were plenty of games out there that scared players.

These moments in gaming shocked us with how creepy they were. The developers, sometimes unintentionally, managed to get under our skin in some strange ways. We're still thinking about these scares even years later.

Doom Gaze
Final Fantasy 6: Doom Gaze
The skies were usually safe in Final Fantasy 6. Players could hop in their airship and fly across the world without worrying about any monsters. However, halfway through the game, Doom Gaze was unleashed. At any moment, players could be attacked by this monster while in flight. You couldn't actually see him flying around so there was no way to avoid him. Doom Gaze made flying into an unexpectedly tense experience.

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