Batman: Arkham Knight will pit the Dark Knight against many of his most famous villains including Harley Quinn and Two-Face. However, each Arkham game usually includes a couple lesser-known foes as well. Which overlooked villains will get their chance to shine in Knight?

Fortunately, decades and decades of Batman comics give Rocksteady Studios plenty of choices. There are dozens of great choices. Here's a handful that I'd especially like to see in the game.

Many of Batman's enemies are twisted versions of the hero. Hush is one of the best examples of this recurring theme.

Hush is Dr. Thomas Elliot, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who also had wealthy parents. Unlike Bruce, though, Elliot killed his parents to inherit the family fortune. He cut the brakes on their car, causing an accident that kills his dad and severely injured his mom. His mom hung on for several years due to a life-saving surgery by Bruce's father. This caused Elliot to have a life-long hatred toward the Wayne family.

Elliot transforms into Hush during Batman: Arkham City. He surgically removed his face and then began murdering people throughout Gotham. He removed the faces of each of his victims. Batman eventually finds Hush and discovers his plan: he was gathering the skin of people who looked like Bruce Wayne so that he could assume the identity of his childhood friend.

Hush manages to escape his encounter with Batman and doesn't return. I hope that Arkham Knight will finally wrap up this storyline with a final encounter between Batman and his former friend.

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