Call of Duty is easily one of the biggest franchises in the world of gaming right now and Activision has been pulling out all the stops when it comes to bringing in celebrities both for the standard campaigns and for the zombie mode. But wouldn't it be cool if they managed to get certain actors known for their roles in action or horror movies to appear in one of the upcoming zombie modes?

While obvious names like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger are probably at the top of any list to make the cut in Call of Duty, it seems like those guys would be better suited for starring in their own games.

With the latest zombie mode featuring Jeff Goldblum, Heather Graham and Ron Perlmen, it only seemed appropriate to throw out a few more names who might also find a likely place in the lauded arcade of heroes and heroines appearing in the billion-dollar franchise. Here are some other actors in Hollywood that would definitely fit in Call of Duty's celebrity-filled zombie mode.

Angelina Jolie
Ms. Tomb Raider herself. While she may not play Lara Croft again, it's easy to imagine her playing a new bad-ass role: zombie hunter. Admittedly Activision would have to pay top dollar for Angelina Jolie's likeness and appearance in new version of Call of Duty's zombies. However, given her wide range of dark and troubled characters throughout her career, ranging from thrillers like Original Sin to action-packed flicks like Salt, she'd be a great fit for COD's undead battles.

Christian Bale
Here's another star who seems too big to make an appearance in Call of Duty. Yeah, everyone's heard of Activision's billion dollar franchise at this point but not everyone will likely want to step into a role in the game... especially a small role fighting zombies. Even still, having the former Dark Knight suit up to hunt down and fight zombies would be pretty cool. Bale's perpetually-angered look and known temper would be perfect for a hot-headed hero looking to pump some lead into some the rampant zombie hordes. Will it ever happen? Probably not. Can we still dream? Sure.

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