Recently, virtual reality gaming has been taking off, especially since the announcement of the launch price for Oculus Rift. And now, more and more games are including compatibility with VR devices like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. But if there were any virtual reality games I felt like anyone had to try this year, it would be these.

Let’s be honest; ADR1FT was made for virtual reality. I was lucky enough to be able to demo the game at E3 with a VR headset and let me tell you, the YouTube videos you see published everywhere don’t do the actual VR gameplay justice. Now I’ve played a lot of horror games in my time and I know what true horror feels like, but I’ve never had a game scare me like ADR1FT did. You’re lost in space, floating around with no recollection of what the heck happened to you and no idea how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess. And when your oxygen starts to run out...well that’s the most terrifying part of all.

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