7 Virtual Reality Games You Need To Play This Year

Recently, virtual reality gaming has been taking off, especially since the announcement of the launch price for Oculus Rift. And now, more and more games are including compatibility with VR devices like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. But if there were any virtual reality games I felt like anyone had to try this year, it would be these.


Let’s be honest; ADR1FT was made for virtual reality. I was lucky enough to be able to demo the game at E3 with a VR headset and let me tell you, the YouTube videos you see published everywhere don’t do the actual VR gameplay justice. Now I’ve played a lot of horror games in my time and I know what true horror feels like, but I’ve never had a game scare me like ADR1FT did. You’re lost in space, floating around with no recollection of what the heck happened to you and no idea how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess. And when your oxygen starts to run out...well that’s the most terrifying part of all.

2. Alien: Isolation

Even though this game has been making the rounds on VR for awhile, now that the devices will finally begin to launch, Alien fans can experience the already-terrifying game in virtual reality for themselves. Many have commented on the horror experienced while playing through Alien: Isolation on VR. If there’s any type of game that’s going to do well in virtual reality, it’s going to be horror games, hands down. But this game has a little more action than some of your atmospheric jump-scare titles. Needless to say, this is a must for VR fans.

3. Slender: The Arrival

When I said horror games were going to do well on VR, I meant it. Atmospheric indie games like Slender: The Arrival that rely heavily on the environment to invoke fear are maybe some of the scariest games you can play in virtual reality. Slender: The Arrival of course has already released for PC and consoles, but many haven’t gotten the chance to really experience it in VR since, obviously, VR devices haven’t yet been released to the public. With the sudden appearances of Slenderman and a small circle of light to guide yourself around in the dark, this is definitely one of those horror games you’ll want to try out on an Oculus Rift.

4. Golem

For me, the best part about sitting down to play a game is being able to immerse yourself into another world and really revel in the story. In Golem, one little girl does just that as she takes control of a golem and wanders across mystical lands. Only, thanks to PlayStation VR, players will be able to control the little girl who is controlling the golem. The game was announced in December, but there hasn’t been much information released since then. All I can say is I am intrigued and want to know more about the story, like why or how the little girl received the ability to control the golem in the first place.

5. Edge Of Nowhere

Edge Of Nowhere Virtual reality games tend to do extremely well when the gameplay is atmospheric. In Edge Of Nowhere, you play a man, named Victor, on a mission to rescue a team lost in the Antarctic. While the obvious threats are the weather and the terrain, you also will have to make sure you stay grounded psychologically, because all of that white can start to play tricks on your mind. Who knows what you might see out there. Edge Of Nowhere introduces a kind of mystery that keeps itching at you until you’ve completely solved it, and games like that always manage to pull me back in.

6. Lucky’s Tale

I know this isn’t the type of game I’d really think of when talking about virtual reality titles, but trying a platformer in VR does sound interesting. Especially one that looks to play as smoothly as Super Mario Bros. When it comes to VR, I’ve always said that atmospheric games deliver the best experiences, but who’s to say playing a platformer won’t be just as fun if not more entertaining than on a TV screen? Lucky’s Tale will be releasing for free with the launch of the Oculus Rift, so if you’ve got a Rift pre-ordered, you’ll be able to try out Lucky’s Tale for free. What a deal.

7. Chronos

The thing that intrigues me about Chronos is that it’s described as an “atmospheric RPG that chronicles one young hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil.” While skills and abilities advance as you go on through the game, so does your character’s age. The art style is unique and playful and reminds me a little of Journey. What’s interesting about the gameplay is that each time your character journeys in the Labyrinth, you age another year. Apparently, you’re supposed to feel the effects of age, too, as you start out young and ready to take on the world and slowly change as the years stack up. The Gunfire Games’ website says you grow more attuned to magic as you age. Knowing my obsession with atmospheric gameplay, I think this would be a wise choice when choosing what VR games to try out first.