One of the biggest games of the year could potentially be Avalanche Studios' video game rendition of Mad Max. The game is an open-world action title with tons of features, lots of customization and great graphics. The title runs at 1080p at 30fps on the Xbox One and PS4, and it scales much higher on PC. While it's not a direct sequel to any of the movies it does share some similarities with the movie-verse.

It's easy for some people to see the game and pass it off as another movie-based game with little appeal or poor quality, but there are some really cool things about this title that make it really standout. In fact, we put together a list of 8 of the coolest things about Mad Max the video game and you can check them out right here.

First-Person Combat
First-person modes are a dime a dozen in most action games. In fact, there are a group of gamers who see “first-person” and instantly tune their interest out of the game. However, sometimes a game can implement the mode and it adds a whole new dynamic to the way the game is played and experienced. Mad Max is one of those games where the first-person combat adds a whole new dynamic to the action, especially while you're tearing up the desert roads in Max's Magnum Opus. You get a really gritty, visceral depiction of the combat and driving in Mad Max while in the first-person mode and it's a great feature to help compliment a game already packed to the rim with features.

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