Age Of Wushu Arrives At GameStop April 23rd, New Guild Trailer Released

While Age of Wushu will be available to the public in an online capacity beginning April 10th, Snail Games has already taken precautions for server overload safeguards by opening up additional servers early. Assuming things are ironed out after April 10th, gamers who frequent brick and mortar retailers will be able to pick up a boxed copy from GameStop in North America starting April 23rd.

Celebrating this news, Snail Games released a new trailer for the game and additional information regarding the way Guilds are handled in the game, which you can view up top.

Guilds will play a very important role in the balance and evolution of the cities and social landscapes within Age of Wushu. Guilds will be able to take over towns and the players themselves will be able to rule with the softness of velvet or with a grip as firm as iron.

However, every guild with an adequate amount of resources will be able to vie for control of territory, which enables them access to trade routes, goods and services. Guilds who have a strong grip on the country can be challenged by burning down their store houses, kidnapping key members or carrying out assassinations. There's an entire meta-game in Age of Wushu just involving guilds and that's not even the best part.

For players with a keen eye on decoration and home repair, guilds who grow too large for their own good can build their own guild house complete with customizable elements so that the look and appeal of the guild house matches the image of the guild itself.

If you fancy yourself some fun times in the wonderful world of wuxia, be sure to learn more about the game that's officially endorsed by Jet Li himself by paying a visit to the Official Website. And keep an eye out on our Facebook page as we continue to roll out pre-release keys for those who want to jump in and create a character and start playing early.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.