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Alan Wake first released in May of 2010 and was an Xbox exclusive title that delved into the twisted and unsettling mind of a horror novelist. In 2012, Remedy Entertainment released the second installment of Alan Wake called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but since then the franchise has seemed to go silent. But recently, a trademark titled, “Alan Wake’s Return” was spotted in Europe, igniting a swarm of conversation about the possible revival of the franchise.

According to Game Informer, a post by NeoGaf included a trademark entry by the original developer Remedy Entertainment, which had the mysterious title. In an interview with Game Informer, the creator of Remedy, Sam Lake, did tell them that there was still an option for an Alan Wake sequel in the future. You can see the trademark image below.


While combat and enemies in the Alan Wake franchise did get boring after the second installment, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again, especially on an Xbox One. True Alan Wake fans should be stoked that there could be a possible third installment in the series and a future for Alan Wake. But then again, it’s still just all speculation. And we still don’t know exactly what the trademark is for or if it’s even for a game.

Remedy Entertainment is working on the new Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Quantum Break, due out April 5, so maybe this project is the next thing on their list. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we learn more information or if the title does receive a confirmation.

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