It looks like gamers are still hungry for more Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space, the latest installment in the hit puzzle series, racked up ten million downloads in a matter of days.

"10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!" tweeted developer Rovio today.

Angry Birds Space takes the series into outer space. Players must try to take out pigs by flinging birds at them with a slingshot. Gravity fields from planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies will complicate matters.

The base game comes with 60 levels. Rovio plans to support the title with free updates. You can also pay $0.99 for the Danger Zone DLC, which adds 30 extras levels. Rovio is also selling bundles of Space Eagles, a new power-up that lets you clear levels more easily.

Space arrived on PC, Mac, iOS and Android on March 22nd. Rovio plans to release the game on additional platforms at a later date.

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