After last week's teaser hinting at a possible cross between hit physics-based casual game Angry Birds and the classic Sci-Fi film series Star Wars, we can now confirm that Angry Birds Star Wars is a real thing, and we'll all be able to play it come November 8 for iOS, Android and home computers.

The official announcement was made through USA Today, your one-stop shop for all things video game news. Okay, I tease, but given Angry Birds' appeal to the casual market, it actually makes perfect sense to announce the latest iteration in a venue read by average folks, not just gamers.

Along with the announcement, a reveal trailer is also making the rounds. It is decidedly lacking in any sort of gameplay, but it's not like we have to wait all that long to take the game for a spin ourselves.

According to Lucasfilm Ltd. VP of licensing and consumer products marketing, Angry Birds Star Wars isn't just a reskin of the core game, but rather a new experience in which the flying fowl are “characters in their own right.” Expect the entire cast of the classic Star Wars series to make an appearance with the likes of Luke-bird and Chewbacca-bird representing the Light Side and a Darth Pig and Piggy Stormtroopers representing the Dark Side. As for the gameplay, expect something along the lines of the recently released Angry Birds Space, only set in familiar Star Wars locales.

No price has been announced yet but, again, with only four weeks until the game launches on Nov. 8, we expect the remaining questions to be answered sometime in the very near future.

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