Assassin's Creed 3 is powered by the AnvilNext engine, a new version of the technology that powered each game in the series. A new video from Ubisoft shows off the tremendous capabilities of the upgraded engine.

What's really impressive about AnvilNext is its versatility. It can render urban centers like Boston and New York with hundreds of NPC's. Just as easily, though, it offers up sprawling landscapes with animals, small settlements, and climbable terrain. The wilderness feels as detailed and dense as the cities, which wasn't really the case with earlier AC games.

The engine is also capable of portraying large-scale battles from the Revolutionary War. Connor will wade into the middle of huge conflicts between redcoats and the Continental Army. He'll also take part in naval battles with British warships.

AnvilNext allows the developers to slowly change the game world over the course of the campaign as well. For example, a redcoat camp might disappear due to Connor or the revolutionaries' actions. This adaptable world is kind of a necessity for the game, as the campaign takes place over the course of 30 years.

AC3 won't be the only AnvilNext-powered game arriving this year. AC3 Liberation, the Vita exclusive, will utilize the tech as well. The idea that this engine can be scaled to a handheld platform is as mind-boggling as anything in this video.

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