The fifth entry in the beloved BIT.TRIP series, BIT.TRIP FATE, has finally made its way to Steam, knocking 50 percent off its regular price tag through July 22 and going for a cool $4.99. The game is available right now during the huge Steam summer sale, so if you have a few bucks to spare, it would probably be best to pick up a digital copy of the game right now while the price is as low as it is.

The word “exclusive” just doesn’t hold the same weight it used to. Nowadays, the vast majority of third-part exclusive games might as well have the word “temporarily” thrown on to the beginning. Or maybe just “for the next six months” tacked onto the end.

But I’m not here to gripe about semantics. The way I see it, a game losing its former exclusivity simply means more people are going to get to play it. And in the case of the top-shelf BIT.TRIP games, that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Formerly a Nintendo exclusive, FATE made its first appearance as a WiiWare title for the Nintendo Wii. It was later packaged in with BIT.TRIP COMPLETE for the same console and the BIT.TRIP SAGA for the 3DS. And now it’s available on Steam. Woohoo!

A side-scrolling shoot-em-up from Gaijin Games, BIT.TRIP FATE features the super-bright graphics the series has become known for, as well as the amazing soundtrack and pixelated vibe.

And now that series' hero CommanderVideo is ready to bring his latest adventure to Steam, he’ll be bringing a few of his old friends along for the ride, including Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotude, to name a couple. And no big adventure is complete without a few friends and a rotunda of diverse fun.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Steam is currently in the midst of its annual summer sale. To celebrate the saving of money on awesome games, as well as its own arrival on the Steam service, BIT.TRIP Fate will be marked down by 50 percent for a limited time. Between today and July 22, the game will be available for just $4.99. You can also save 33 percent on the game’s soundtrack, marked down to $4.01, or 33 percent on a package including the game and the soundtrack, just $8.03 total. That means you could get the game and the soundtrack for about two bucks less than the game itself normally costs. Not a bad deal at all.

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