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Worried about the future of The Banner Saga following the King trademark debacle, where the mobile publisher felt The Banner Saga was infringing on their Candy Crush Saga trademark? Well, no need to worry because Stoic Studio is moving forward with two additional sequels for The Banner Saga, aimed at completing the trilogy one way or another.

Twinfinite spotted a Facebook post by the trio from Stoic Studio, where they talk about their success, in spite of the trademark dispute from King over their highly popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga, which isn't even that great of a "saga".

As noted in the post...
“Aside from the relief that comes with knowing that we'll be able to keep working at Stoic for a long time to come, what has been really rewarding is the individuals who write to us saying things like "No game has ever been more worthy of the title 'Saga'.”

“The feedback we've gotten from players and reviewers have really been taken to heart. We've already put out the first patch fixing issues reported by players about bugs and balance and after a short hiatus we'll be coming back to work on the next game in the trilogy. If there's one complaint we've heard over and over, it's that the story isn't done.”

Critically acclaimed feels a bit like an underwhelming understatement for this game. The Banner Saga has been receiving high praise across the board and plenty of review scores to match, including from Gaming Blend's own Pete Haas.

The game's strong appeal spawns from its tragic Nordic tale infused with a visually captivating art-style that captures the struggles and hardships of a desperate people as they trek across a dying planet looking for a seemingly hopeless bit of salvation.

Even though the game managed to win over gamers and critics alike, King wanted to put a curb stomp on all of Stoic's success. The “trademark saga” was detailed in all its chronological drama by Forbes' Erik Kain, where gamers were hanging on to the shredded threads of cotton fiber from their worn and battered gaming chairs, eager to find out if The Banner Saga would retain its striking title or if it would be relegated to something a little less enthusiastic, like The Banner Legacy.

On the up and up, at least the trilogy is still on the table to roll out by Stoic, as planned. The only thing we have to do now is wait for the second and third installments of this already impressive Kickstarter darling to land on a digital shelf.

You can learn more about The Banner Saga by paying a kind visit to the game's official website or pick up a digital copy from a local e-distributor near you.

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