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Bastion Headlines First Humble Weekly Sale

Starting today, Humble Bundle Inc. won't just be selling compilations of indie games. As part of their new Humble Weekly initiative, they're going to sell a different individual game each week for a price determined by you. The first game to be featured on Humble Weekly is Supergiant's Bastion.

Bastion is an action RPG that debuted back in 2011. Players take on the role of The Kid, a youth who wakes up in the middle of a destroyed world. A mysterious calamity has ripped this land apart and it falls to him to put it back together. He must travel the land to find magical shards to aid in the reconstruction process.

Gamers can pay $1 or more for the game. Paying the minimum will get you Steam and DRM-free copies of Bastion. The game works on Mac, Windows and Linux. Buyers will be able to choose who their money goes to: the developer, charity (Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation), or Humble Bundle Inc.

If you pay more than the average price (currently $2.58), you'll get a digital soundtrack, art pack, sheet music, and iPhone/Android ringtones. Generous souls who cough up $25 or more will receive several pieces of physical merchandise, including a Bastion bandana, soundtrack CD and postcard. They'll also get a postcard for Transistor, Supergiant's newly announced sci-fi RPG.

In the hours since this sale went live, over nine thousand gamers have purchased Bastion. The current haul from the sale is $23,423. The top donor thus far paid $151 for their copy of the game.

This Humble Weekly sale will be available until next Tuesday.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.