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Batman: Arkham City Still Contains Undiscovered Secrets

Batman: Arkham City has been in stores for over half a year so you'd think by now every little Easter Egg had been uncovered. However, Arkham director Sefton Hill says that Gotham still contains a few secrets.

"Some of them we put in there that were really obscure were found within a week [like the Scarecrow code]," Hill said at Kapow! Comic Con in London (via IGN). "We didn't think anyone would ever solve that, but it only took people two days. But there are still 3 or 4 things that people haven't seen - some of them very subtle things."

Hill adds that one of these undiscovered Easter Eggs was in one of the first gameplay demos of Arkham. That seems like a good enough clue for you Internet sleuths to start out with.

In Arkham City, Gotham's most dangerous criminals have been relocated to a walled-off section of the city. Batman can freely roam the titular Arkham City while he's not busy with missions. Between all the skyscrapers, sewers, and alleyways, there are a lot of places for the developers to hide secrets.

Still, it's surprising that every inch of Gotham hasn't been scoured yet. Arkham City was one of the more popular games released last year. Furthermore, the Internet allows players to pool information and collectively figure out most secrets in record time. Glad to hear that there are still some mysteries out there, though. It's fitting for a game that stars the "world's greatest detective."

Tomorrow, Rocksteady will release Harley Quinn's Revenge. This DLC, available as a separate download or as part of the Game of the Year edition, will add a new two-hour adventure to the game. Perhaps Rocksteady included a few secrets in that content as well, just to keep player busy.

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