Batman: Arkham Knight Will Get Prequel Comic

Warner Bros., and Rocksteady are gearing up for a big 2015. The duo have Batman: Arkham Knight prepping to release on the home consoles and PC. However, before Arkham Knight releases the studios have plans to help enlighten comic book fans and gamers alike with a prequel comic about the Arkham Knight.

Entertainment Weekly managed to get some exclusive shots of the upcoming comic book that's being penned by Peter J. Tomasi. The art-side of things will be tackled by Viktor Bogdanovic and Art Thibert, with the covers done by Dan Panosian.

The Arkham Knight prequel comic will detail what happened to Batman and the citizens of Gotham following the story of Batman: Arkham City. After the Joker died and the Arkham City prison complex was closed, Batman goes through the typical doubts about Gotham needing him. However, the Arkham Knight shows up and starts causing some chaos, which prompts Batman to postpone his retirement.

The comic will be made available ahead of the release of the game starting February 24th, 2015. I'm sure those of you who really want to get the full story of the Arkham Knight will want to dive in once Arkham Knight #1 goes on sale early next year.

Also, in case you missed it previously, the third part of the Ace Chemicals trailer was released for Arkham Knight. You can check it out below.

The third part of the Ace Chemicals series ends kind of weird, as it spends a lot of time jumping back and forth between Batman beating guys up, the Batmobile and a nightmare-type sequence at the end.

The in-game combat looks as smooth as ever. It's also a real setup up for the game that they managed to use the in-game fighting to slap together a cinematic looking sequence when Batman begins beating the mess out of the guys.

The counter-attacks look really good, as Batman blocks an incoming kick with a kick of his own before flooring a guy. That's all kinds of awesome. The short segment where Batman also thwarts the sword attack with his gauntlets before destroying the guy with a front kick was also nice to see. There are also a few more objects and environmental entities that Batman put to use during the fight, so it looks like there will be plenty of ways to dispatch foes using items laying around in the immediate area.

If the fights stay as cinematic as they appeared in the video, then I imagine gamers will find plenty of entertainment when taking on a group of NPCs.

Unfortunately there are no gadgets being used in the video, but we do get to see one other new feature of the Batmobile: it can rip open doors. The way the the vehicle revs up and burns rubber in an attempt to bring down the structure looked good. I wonder how often that feature will be put to use or if that's a one-time thing? I guess we'll find out when Batman: Arkham Knight launches on June 2nd next year.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.