It’s no secret that many video games that have been turned into feature films have not been the greatest movies. Some of them have been downright failures. But I believe there are some games that are destined to be turned into movies, and would finally break the curse that hangs over all video game movie adaptations. 

1. Until Dawn
It certainly helps that Until Dawn is pretty much a movie in itself already. There hasn’t been a really good slasher film since the Scream series in the late 90’s, but I think Until Dawn would be the perfect reintroduction of an era of slasher films. While slasher movies may appear to all be the same, Until Dawn could pull elements from all of the slasher movies of the past where they will all culminate into one massive and thrilling slasher film. It’s just really hard to go wrong with a slasher film, especially with actors like the ones used in Until Dawn
2. Life Is Strange
Many who follow my articles just knew this game was going to make the list. You’re going to notice that a lot of games on this list are going to be narrative heavy—that’s only because the narrative games would be pretty easy to adapt into a movie. I could go on and on about which Hollywood actors I would want to play Max and Chloe from Life Is Strange, but the real prize here is the story. In a film adaptation, the director would probably choose to make a sequel to the story in the game rather than retell the story. Since the game is already enough like the movie, it would be boring to make another movie on the same story. But the narrative elements and the character development in this game is just too good to pass up for a movie. 
3. Far Cry Primal
This game might seem like an odd choice to you, but just think of the possibilities. Because the game is so open-world, the narrative is pretty loose. Therefore, there’s a lot a director could do with the story. It’s been awhile since Hollywood has seen a really good prehistoric-age film; the last one I can think of is actually 10,000 B.C., does anyone else remember that film? I think Far Cry Primal opens up a window of opportunity for a director to really run with an original idea, something that hasn’t been as wrung out as something like zombie apocalypse movies. 
4. Star Citizen
Even though this game hasn’t even been finished yet (going on its fifth year of development now), the idea of having a film completely set in space (that isn’t Star Wars or Star Trek…) is pretty exciting. Whatever happened to action-packed, alien-butt-kicking, space-themed movies like Starship Troopers? Or, speaking of Chris Roberts, remember the plucky little film based on the game Wing Commander starring Freddie Prinze Jr.? Yeah, that happened. So it only makes sense to make the most epic film adaptation of Star Citizen, complete with its all-star cast. Strange, lost-in-space movies like Gravity, The Martian and Moon are just too psychological for me. I want straight up action; ships crashing, missiles blowing, aliens attacking, cold, hard action.  Just keep in mind, this article is merely opinion and is full of ideas that probably won’t ever come true, but we’d love to hear what games you think would make a fantastic blockbuster in the comments below. 
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