Rocket League Will Be Getting Batman's Own Batmobile

Psyonix is continuing their trend of adding licensed vehicles to Rocket League. The game's popularity definitely affords them the luxury of throwing in something special every once in a while, and this time it turns out to be the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie due for release this March.

PC Gamer spotted the new promotional trailer, which is filled to the brim with Batman motifs from the exploding ball that forms a bat-symbol to the platform that the Batmobile rises from that seems reminiscent to the Batcave platform – it's all a strong homage to DC's Dark Knight. You can check out the trailer for the Batmobile below.

The trailer does a fine job of showcasing just how much detail Psyonix put into the vehicle. It looks on par to the vehicle in Zack Snyder's film, just fine-tuned to fit the art-style of Rocket League.

One of the most impressive parts about the trailer is the sound of the engine and thrusters. The Batmobile sounds absolutely beastly in that trailer above, and a lot of fans are excited about it for that very reason. This licensed vehicle will go live on March 8th for $2. Recently Rocket League went live for the Xbox One and featured two exclusive vehicles mirrored after the military transports in Halo and Gears of War. This follows on the other licensed vehicle featured in the game, the DeLorean from the popular Back To The Future series.

As for the Batmobile from the upcoming film... some gamers are reminded of WB Games' other franchise featuring the caped crusader... Batman: Arkham Knight. It's interesting because over on the PC Gamer thread a lot of commenters are still burned about the shoddy release of the game on PC. The game still suffers from some serious issues and as of February 3rd, Warner Bros announced that they were simply canceling the Mac and Linux versions of the game in an update post on Steam, meaning that you won't be playing Batman: Arkham Knight natively on SteamOS.

But apart from the burned PC gamers over last year's Batman outing from Rocksteady and Warner Bros., most people seem to be excited about the addition of the Batmobile in Rocket League from the upcoming Batman v Superman film.

Strangely the vehicle seems to fit in nicely amongst the other cars on the field. Some questioned if Psyonix would eventually add the custom Bat-field teased in the trailer above, but maybe they'll announce that closer to the release of the car itself... or maybe they'll throw in something later in spring?

Anyway, this news comes hot off the heels of the season two announcement update over on the official Rocket League website where they go over some of the updates and fixes inbound for the game. The Batmobile DLC will be available next month starting March 8th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.