Battlefield 3 Patch Dated, Will End MAV Riding And PS3 Input Lag

DICE announced on Friday that they'll be releasing a huge balance/fix patch for Battlefield 3 on March 27th for the PS3. It's set to hit the PC and Xbox 360 "soon" but no date was provided for those platforms.

"This patch includes many gameplay tweaks and balances; several suggested by you. The full list of changes and updates is as follows," says DICE. "This update will also bring the 'Rent a Server' functionality to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. For more updated information on this functionality, check back next week."

The patch will definitely take some getting used to. DICE altered the recoil and accuracy of a lot of weapons. They're hoping to make the weapons balanced and also feel distinct from each other. For example, the FAMAS is now intended as a close quarters gun due to its high recoil and high rate of fire.

Weapon accessories have also been balanced. You might not have a foregrip on every weapon from now on, as its effectiveness is lower on some weapons. That accessory now has a small long-ranged Aim Accuracy penalty as well.

DICE made a number of fixes in this patch as well. Here are a few that jumped out at me:

  • Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.
  • The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator.
  • Tanks can no longer drive into the water and cross the Wake Island lagoon completely submerged.
  • The MAV will no longer destroy vehicles that run into it, instead it should be destroyed.

PS3 players will also be pleased to learn that the patch addresses input lag. They've added an option that allows you to turn off anti-aliasing. Hopefully that solves your problem completely.

To find out more about the patch, check out the full change notes at the Battlefield blog.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.