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DICE may be gearing up to announce a premium service for Battlefield 3, similar to Modern Warfare 3's "Call of Duty Elite." A supposed features list of "Battlefield 3 Premium" hit the internet today, providing a glimpse at the perks players can earn by ponying up an extra $50.

Battlefield 3 Premium membership, according to the document leaked through NeoGAF grants access to all five expansions: Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game. To my knowledge, this is the first time they've ever mentioned Aftermath. No details were provided on that expansion. They seem to have stated the DLC in chronological order, though, so Aftermath will be the second-to-last expansion released. Premium members will get to start playing this new content two weeks before other players.

The features list (click the image below to see the full version) promises exclusive content. Players will get access to sneak peeks for upcoming expansions, strategy videos, and other game guides. They'll also be able to participate in double XP weekends and other unspecified events.

Premium members will get a number of new customization options as well. They'll be able to wield an exclusive ACB-90 knife. They'll also get access to new dog tags, camos, Platoon emblem decorations and Assignments. Presumably the Assignments unlock these customization items, or simply give bonus XP.

The VIP package has some convenience features as well. Players can wipe their win/loss or kill/death records. Nostalgic gamers can even save five of their favorite Battle Records They'll also get priority in server queues.

DICE has yet to formally announce Battlefield 3 Premium. Assuming Premium really exists, though, I expect it'll be greeted by lots of belly-aching. Early DLC access does kind of sting; it means that DICE has finished an expansion pack but is actively keeping it from you for two weeks unless you pay for this feature. Two weeks isn't a long wait but it's just the principle of the thing. Speaking of principles, I also imagine BF3 players won't be very pleased that DICE is taking a page from Call of Duty's playbook.