Battlefield 4 Graphics Upgraded From 720p To 900p For PS4?

New rumors have taken the internet by storm regarding the resolution for DICE's highly anticipated Battlefield 4 for the home consoles. There have been some conflicting reports about final resolutions for some games, but it appears that Battlefield 4 for the PS4 could be getting an upgrade if some of the rumors turn out to be true.

Many journalists and tech enthusiasts have been making the rounds to media events leading up to the launch of the next generation consoles next month in November. After getting hands-on and eyes-on time with the next-gen machines some journalists and enthusiasts decided to break embargo and talk a little bit about what they witnessed.

According to Worldsfactory, a NeoGaf member under the handle of thuway had some enticing information to share about the resolution of Battlefield 4 – one of the most graphically intensive games due out this fall – on the PlayStation 4, writing...

Battlefield 4 on PS4 is 900p on PS4. So speculation could be rampant, but this is where they are at now.Also COD Ghosts has framerate issues to be ironed out by launch. Both machines.One more bit of information, but working on getting another source for that will be nigh impossible, I have informed Kagari about it.

A bit of context for the dribble: NeoGaf prefers that rumors have multiple sources before spouting off rumors, so as to prevent the widespread shutdown of the internet with frothy-mouthed fanboys hanging on to every single word that comes from every single “insider” with a single anonymous source.

Previously, this NeoGaf rule is what had Peter Dodd, known as FamousMortimer, come forward to clarify news about Titanfall being downgraded to 720p – which was regurgitated throughout the internet gaming community – given that he only had a single source for the claim.

Now, what thuway purports seems to fly in the face of previous reports by sites like WCCF Tech, Dualshockers and Furious Fanboy editor Jeremy Conrad (who used to be an editor for IGN). Gamepur had reported that Conrad stated that Battlefield 4 was 720p, though he did distinctly note that the resolution was for the Xbox One. Conrad didn't clarify if the 720p from the media event held consistent with claims that it was also 720p on the PS4.

Conrad also verified, along with other journalists, that Microsoft placed an embargo on news related to anyone privy to the Xbox One's lower resolution threshold, and that gaming journalists are prohibited from publicly making it known that games on the Xbox One will run at 720p, while PlayStation 4 titles will be native 900p and native 1080p.

Taking into account the recent reports and putting the information together, here's what it looks like: Battlefield 4 will run 720p on the Xbox One but will be 900p on the PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: Ghosts will also be 720p on the Xbox One but it will be 1080p on the PlayStation 4.

Neither DICE or Sony have confirmed these resolutions, yet. However, with the release dates drawing near it does appear that the upgrades the PlayStation 4 is receiving – and the media silence that seems to be coerced by Microsoft's marketing team on the Xbox One – lends lots of credence to the rumors.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.