One way to build up hype for a multiplayer shooter before release is to offer gamers a demo or beta version. Fans have been pestering DICE about whether Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will receive either and today they offered up a pretty vague answer on the official BF:BC2 blog.

"Stay tuned to the blog or follow us on Twitter for future developments on all things Battlefield Bad Company 2," said producer Gordon Van Dyke in response to the beta/demo question in a >new post. Had they ruled out a demo/beta by now, Van Dyke probably would've said so (or not mentioned it at all). Guess we can file that under 'Maybe' for the time being.

BC2 hits North America on March 2nd and Europe on March 5th. Normally the January and February months are slow for gaming and a beta would be great for that time period. However, there's been plenty of holiday 2009 delays so you won't exactly be left twiddling your thumbs if no free taster of BC2 is released.

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