Out of all the best selling gaming gear of 2014 there were quite a few games that managed to make Amazon's best-seller list in the overall video game category. Each of these games were the top of the crop when it came to moving and shaking throughout 2014.

The year is at a close and it's time to reflect on how well some games managed to do in the sales arena. The interesting thing about it is that gamers get a sound idea of what was popular and what was not. The interesting thing about Amazon's best-sellers list is that some of them are completely unassuming. It's not like you would have been able to guess what was at the top of the list and what wasn't. Nevertheless, we're only going to go over the software titles and not the hardware or accessories. So here are the games within the top 20 best-selling video game items on Amazon.

Destiny – Xbox One, PS4
Filling out the number 18 and number 20 spot is Destiny for the Xbox One and PS4. The game managed to beat out a lot of other games to land on the first page of best-selling video game items in 2014. This makes sense given that it was recently revealed that Destiny has acquired nearly 13 million unique players, as noted by Joystiq. That's pretty massive.

Of course, the stat doesn't explain if it includes shared copies, multiple family members using a single game copy or a bunch of college friends buying used copies, all of which could easily expand the unique player count by a sizable margin. Even still, Destiny managed to make Amazon's best-seller list for 2014. Given that Amazon doesn't actually list the number of units they sold we can only guess that the standard PS4 version didn't move as many units as the Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership, and that the Xbox One version did.

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