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Have you already grown weary of exploring the wastelands of Boston in Fallout 4? Long for the days when you were exploring the wastelands of D.C. in Fallout 3? Well, it looks like that might become an option on modern consoles as rumors point to Bethesda working on an HD remake for the popular RPG.

The paint has barely dried on Fallout 4 and, according to the latest official announcements from the folks at Bethesda, we can start expecting the game’s DLC starting later this year.

If that isn’t enough hunting, gathering, shooting and exploring to tide you over, however, it looks like players may soon be able to jump right back into the Fallout universe with a visit to a previous series adventure.

Just 24 hours ago we got word on some details pertaining to Fallout 4 DLC and the grumble-inducing news that the season pass for said content was getting a price hike. Bethesda and Co. are potentially looking to keep striking while the iron is hot, however, as IGN reports that a recent report from the company is making it seem as though an HD remake of Fallout 3 could be in the works for PlayStation 3 and Xbox One.

In case you haven’t been following international gaming news, Bethesda recently put a lot of effort into getting Fallout 3 taken off of blacklist in Germany. According to the initial report, Bethesda initiated the process to get Fallout 3 un-banned in Germany, a process that is apparently “difficult and rarely successful.”

In Germany, one of the tricky parts of the banning process is that you typically have to wait at least 10 years to appeal something be removed from the naughty list. It was a bit early for Fallout 3 to even be considered, which was one of the many hurdles Bethesda need to overcome with its recent actions. They proved successful, however, with the official ruling being that Fallout 3’s content is no longer classified as “harmful to minors” based on a more modern perspective. It was a bit odd to see Fallout 3 get banned anywhere in the first place, considering what type of game it is and the caliber of violence and gore that pops up in other titles, but apparently it was enough to lock the game out in Germany all those years ago. It was a long road to fix the problem, but one Bethesda apparently thought worth the effort.

It was apparently a drawn-out, expensive process, too, which has everyone asking: Why all of the fuss over a game that came out back in 2009, especially since you could have waited a few more years to take an easier route to un-banning?

Well, the obvious conclusion many are jumping to is that Bethesda must be planning on bringing out an HD-ified version of Fallout 3 for current consoles. With the original version of the game no longer banned in Germany, that would open the door for a new version to be launched there as well.

We apparently won’t have to wait long to find out what’s going on, however. IGN Germany reached out to Bethesda, who informed them that they would supply an answer “in a couple of weeks.”