Owners of the top-down action game Binding of Isaac won't have to wait much longer for new content. Designer Edmund McMillen tweeted an image today that states that the "Wrath of the Lamb" expansion will be arriving by the end of May.

"Lamb" is said to add new new items, chapters, and trinkets. Trinkets are a new type of equipment that provide the player with passive bonuses. The new additions bring the game's total item count up from 131 to 205.

In Binding of Isaac, a fanatically religious mother hears a voice from God telling her to sacrifice her child. Obviously the child, Isaac, doesn't want that to happen so he flees into the basement. However, that's just the beginning of his problems as the cavernous basement is filled with legions of monsters.

The top-down style of the game reminds some of Legend of Zelda. In actuality, the gameplay is closer to a so-called "roguelike" RPG. Death is permanent and each level is randomly generated.

Much like McMillen's previous game, Super Meat Boy, Isaac has been a hit with gamers. In its first four months on Steam, the game sold 450,000 copies. The reviews have been strong, too; it's currently sitting at an 84% Metacritic rating.

"When I started development on Isaac I wasn't even sure if I should charge for it, because I didn't think people would want it, in all honestly," McMillen said back when the game hit the 450k mark.

Speaking of charging for it, "Lamb" will cost $3 to purchase. The game itself is priced at $4.99 on Steam.

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