BioShock Infinite DLC Clash In The Clouds Released, Burial At Sea Coming Soon

Irrational Games announced their DLC plans for BioShock Infinite this morning. The first add-on, Clash in the Clouds, will be available starting today on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Clash in the Clouds offers four standalone combat trials to players. These action-packed experiences will challenge players to use vigors, weapons, tears and sky-lines effectively. There are 60 Blue Ribbon challenges to complete in total which will in turn unlock extras like Voxophones, Kinetoscopes, and concept art for the in-game museum.

These challenges don't excite me much, honestly. The combat of Infinite was alright but it was something I put up with in order to experience the story. I wouldn't pay $5 just to get a bunch of gunfights without any context.

Fortunately, Irrational is preparing story-based DLC as well. Burial at Sea is a two-episode campaign with an all-new story for Booker and Elizabeth. This campaign is set in Rapture, the underwater city featured in the first two BioShock games. Creative director Ken Levine said in the press release that the experience is "almost entirely built from scratch." Each episode costs $15 individually. Here's the trailer for part one:

Both Clash in the Clouds and Burial at Sea can be purchased at once with the Season Pass. The $20 Pass also includes the Early Bird Special Pack. The Early Bird Pack provides several bonus items, including firearm upgrades, gold weapon skins and attribute-boosting infusions.

The three Season Pass add-ons will be the first new gameplay released for the game since launch. Irrational previously released a Columbia's Finest pack but that was sort of fake DLC. It was just a bunch of in-game items previously included in the Collector's Editions.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.