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Zombie Studios announced today that they're bringing Blacklight: Retribution to the PlayStation 4. Retribution is a free-to-play shooter that was released on the PC last spring.

In this near-future shooter, players have a huge amount of customization options. Players can change the muzzle, barrel, magazine, sights and other parts of each weapon. Zombie says that there are "millions of permutations" for customization.

The PS4 edition will ship with 10 maps and nine game modes. The modes include standard fare like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Players looking for a co-op survival experience can play Onslaught.

It's not clear how the PS4 edition will vary from its PC counterpart. Maybe Zombie plans to have identical content on both versions. That would make cross-platform play much easier to pull off.

The PS4 is expected to launch in November. No word on when Retribution will arrive.

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