In the months before their game's release, most developers spend every waking moment trying to convince you that it's going to be Jesus in video game form. However, Blizzard is trying a different tactic with Diablo 3. They're telling people to keep their expectations low.

"I too worry that we won't be able to meet the expectations people have built up for themselves. Part of my job is managing people's expectations, so... eh... stop it," said community manager Bashiok on the official D3 forums this weekend. "Stop thinking about how awesome this game could be. Just imagine it's a new M. Night Shyamalan movie. Sure Sixth Sense was amazing and Unbreakable had it's moments, but this right here is the sequel to The Village ... or The Happening ... or Signs ... or any of the movies besides the two I first mentioned.

"So just like, lower those expectations, but still definitely buy the game please, and everything will be just fine. K?"

Bashiok is joking obviously but he hits on an important truth about D3: expectations are very, very high. Diablo II is over a decade old by now and people are still playing it. Gamers are hoping that the third installment will be just as - if not more - addictive.

Blizzard recently revealed that D3 will arrive between April and June of this year. They've yet to provide a specific release date, though.

The game's beta test has been underway since the fall. Gaming Blend had a chance to check it out and you can read our thoughts here.

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