Blur 2 Leaked Gameplay Video Surfaces

Remember that power-up based game Blur? It was like Mario Kart with real cars? Well, it was supposed to have a sequel but all of it was canned. So, are you curious what Blur 2 would have looked like had Activision not bagged Bizarre Creations? Well, some new footage leaked from one the developers gives you a small idea of what Blur 2 could have looked like had it not been bagged along with Bizarre Creations.

Blur was supposed to be the start of a new racing franchise from Activision. It was pretty good mindless fun for what it was and it offered gamers the same kind of power-up based racing that Nintendo and Apogee helped revolutionize way back in the day. The gimmick of the game was that instead of using karts the game focused on using real-world vehicles with crazy multiplayer mayhem for up to 16 players.

You can check out some of the brief footage of the game below.

It doesn't look bad but that brief bit of footage doesn't do much to help give gamers an idea of what sort of advancements the title would have had. For those of you who played the original Blur you'll find that it's tough to see if there are any real advancements from Blur to Blur 2 but I guess we'll never really know what the sequel would have sported since it's dead in the water.

Now before people start saying that the reason the second game was canned and Bizarre Creations was closed up was because Blur sucked, think again. The game was definitely good for what it was, however, it released during stiff market competition especially given direct head-to-head release with Disney and Black Rock's Split/Second. So gamers were divided between two very similar but two well-executed racing games and they sort of canceled each other out.

I doubt we'll ever see a Blur 2 on store shelves but I would have been curious to see what the team would have managed to do with the sequel.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.