Borderlands is coming to mobile devices. The Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide has an advertisement for Borderlands Legends, currently in development for iPhone and iPad.

The ad (via IGN) says that players will jump into randomized missions and fight waves of enemies. True to the normal Borderlands series, Legends will have thousands of weapons and "Fight For Your Life" mode.

In Legends, players will be able to take on the role of any of the four characters from the first Borderlands. Each character will earn unique abilities as they level up. There are 36 different abilities in the game in total.

One downside to the game is that it's only in English. I suppose you don't need a command of the language to play an arcade-style shooter, though. On the other hand, would it have been so hard to localize a game like this?

The advertisement says that Legends will arrive in October. There's only a week and a half left in this month so expect 2K to announce this game soon.

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