The PlayStation Vita is set to get some brick busting action next Tuesday as BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is announced for Sony's heldheld.

Coming from the team at Beatshapers, BreakQuest: Extra Evolution was originally launched for the PlayStaton Portable last year as a Mini. Next week, the developers are bringing a native version of the game to the PlayStation Vita and, this time, it'll be one of the console's growing crop of freemium titles.

Here's a little flavor text from Beatshapers, promising that this latest version of their brick breaking game will sport all of the features fans love about the previous offering, and then some.

“Enjoy 100 action-packed levels, each featuring its own colorful design, elements behavior and visual effects,” reads the statement. “An advanced physics and collision system gives a never-seen-before interactive experience for your pleasure. And don't forget about weapons and power-up bonuses like the amazing Gravitor, which attracts the ball to you, and the unique Energy Shield, which helps you keep the ball on the level via an always-generated energy shield.”

In case you haven't guessed from all of those descriptions, BreakQuest is a classic brick breaking game at heart. You move a paddle around the bottom of the screen and try to keep a bouncing ball moving, constantly smashing into and busting the bricks decorating the top of the screen. Various power-ups spruce up the old school formula, giving you better control of the ball in order to direct it up into the bricks with better accuracy.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is an unusual game: from one side it's a full sequel to BreakQuest...but from the another side it's a completely new game which incorporates our vision based on our inspiration from playing the original BreakQuest,” said Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov. “In the PlayStation Vita version, we adjusted our vision of break-out games by making it freemium and adding PlayStation features like Near support and scoreboards.”

As for that freemium service, the game will come with 33 balls. Lose them, and it's game over. However, you can always buy 100, 200 and 500 ball packs off of the PlayStation Network, or just fork over enough dough for the Infinite Ball unlock. No word yet on how much those packs are going to cost. The scoreboards and Trophies work in the free version of the game, though you're not too likely to unlock many of the game's achievements with just the 33 initial balls.

Along with the 100 levels (all re-designed to work best on the Vita's wide screen), the game features 10 bosses to battle and 17 space shuttles (paddles) to unlock, each with their own power-up ability. As for those Near features, players will be able to exchange balls and ships with nearby players who also have the game. Finally, a brand new soundtrack has been added from the SandS band.

Look for BreakQuest: Evolution to hit the PlayStation Network this coming Tuesday at no charge. It's free, so giving it a shot certainly can't hurt.

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