Free-to-play MMO Cabal Online has released yet another massive update to keep players coming back for more with Episode 9: Rising Force.

Cabal has been in service for the past couple of of years and it's fun to see that the game is still being supported. According to a statement from developer Games-Masters, Rising Force will add “exciting new features to the game,” including a brand new PvP mode, a new dungeon and a revamped skill system.

A free-to-play affair, anyone can download and start playing Cabal Online right now simply by visiting the game's official website. That's also where you'll find plenty of additional details about the game, tutorials, forums and the like. The core game and its expansions, including Rising Force, can be enjoyed for exactly zero dollars with the ability to drop some bucks here and there on items that will make questing, crafting, etc. a bit more easy. That's right, free content...something that's almost a foreign language for Activision. That's just an option, however, and you can choose to keep playing the game, interacting with fellow players and looting fallen enemies without ever spending a dime.

So what, exactly, does Rising Force bring to the fray? First up, a new Mission Battle system will be added, offering a 1v1 daily PvP battle on a brand new battleground. A brand new dungeon is also being thrown into the mix, giving players the chance to take on the most challenging enemies yet in the Tower of the Dead B3F. As mentioned above, the skill system is also receiving an update, offering new effects and skills such as Domination, Silence, Dodge, Pierce, Immunity and Damage Reflection.

New combat skills are also being added to the game's various classes, as well as increased monster toughness in many areas. Finally, players can expect a bunch of new Achievements to unlock in Rising Force, as well as a new rune and some altered Titles to show off how awesome you are to other players.

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