Carmageddon is rolling pedal to the medal on iOS today and, for anyone who decides to pick it up in these first 24 hours following launch, you’ll be able to get your hands on this retooled car combat title for exactly zero dollars.

Stainless Games Ltd. said a while back that Carmageddon would be free to day one downloaders and they’re making good on that promise as of today. All you have to do is head on over to iTunes, hit download and enjoy this violent throwback on your iPhone or iPad. Once the promotional period ends, Carmageddon will set buyers back $1.99.

One of the first over-the-top car carnage titles, Carmageddon for iOS offers 36 levels for players to drive, shoot and splat through, 28 opponents to race against, a slew of in-game achievements to collect, and all the bonuses and power-ups an adrenaline junkie could possibly ask for. There’s even the ability to edit and save your own replays, allowing you to easily share your favorite violent moments with friends. You’ll also be able to peruse the requisite leaderboards and even fine-tune the controls to your liking.

Stainless has announced an Android version of Carmageddon is in the works, but it won’t be ready for a few months. For now, we’re looking at an iOS exclusive. And if your interest has been piqued, you’ll want to act with a quickness. Carmageddon won’t be free for much longer.

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