Cave Story 3D New Release Date, Box Art, Screenshots Revealed

NIS America confirmed today that Cave Story 3D will arrive on the 3DS two months later than expected. On the plus side, they also sent out screenshots and box art for gamers to examine.

The product page for Cave Story on NIS' website now lists the release date as August 9th. In Nintendo's second-quarter line-up, the side-scroller was listed as a June 28th release. It's unclear whether the game's been delayed or whether the June release date was simply a result of miscommunication between NIS and Nintendo.

In Cave Story, the main character wakes up in a cave with no memory. He meets a race of sentient, bunny-like creatures named Mimiga and decides to help them defeat the evil Doctor. The gameplay's a mixture of shooting, platforming, and puzzles. Metroid and Castlevania are among its main inspirations.

Cave Story was first released as freeware for the PC in 2004. An enhanced version with new gameplay modes was brought to WiiWare and DSiWare last year. Cave Story 3D further improves on the original by adding new 3D visuals. Check them out in the screenshots below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.