Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Origins Coming To PSN

Two more classic Square Enix games are on their way to PSN. The ESRB outed re-releases of Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins today.

Joystiq reports that the ESRB has rated both games for the PS3 and PSP. This all but confirms that both games will arrive on PSN soon. PSone Classics on PSN can be played on either platform.

It's common for the ESRB to reveal re-releases before the publisher gets a chance to announce them. That's how, for example, we found out that Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger were coming to PSN. Both of those games are expected to arrive sometime this fall.

Chrono Cross, initially released back in 2000 in North America, is a sequel to Chrono Trigger. It tells the story of Serge, a teenager with the ability to move between two parallel worlds. The plot has significant ties to CT but most of the cast is all new. Cross was re-released through the Japanese PSN in July of this year.

Final Fantasy Origins is a compilation of the first two Final Fantasy games. It was first released for PSOne back in 2003. While it doesn't seem like the bundle has been re-released before, the individual games are available on PSP, iOS, and the Wii's Virtual Console here in North America.

Because Square Enix has yet to actually confirm these two re-releases for North America, release dates aren't available yet.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.