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If you just can’t get enough Dark Souls, then you’re in luck. Along with a new entry in the games series, the folks over at Titan Comics have announced that a brand new comic book series based on the Souls universe will also arrive this spring. Praise the sun!

If there’s one thing the Dark Souls series has never really been big on, it’s creating a clear narrative. Now, don’t get me wrong; There are plenty of story details peppered throughout the games. But just like everything else in the Dark Souls universe, understanding that story is difficult. Most of the narrative has to be drawn from the environments and enemies you face, with few details actually written out in black and white.

Hopefully this new comic series from Titan will fill in some of the gaps, as it will arrive in April alongside Dark Souls III.

This news comes to us from IGN, who got the exclusive details on the comic reveal. According to the original announcement, this dark and gritty comic series will tell stories set within the Souls universe, rather than serving as a re-telling of the existing tale. Honestly, I think it would be rad if the comics stick to the games’ formula, utilizing a minimal amount of dialogue and instead relying on some fantastic art.

The story will be penned by George Mann, who is currently working on the comic version of Doctor Who: The 8th Doctor, and drawn by Godzilla: Awakening’s Alan Quah.

For our collectors in the audience, the first issue of Dark Souls will sport five different covers; two of which will be covers from the games, as well as a couple of variant covers and even a blank cover made for sketches.

Mann expressed plenty of excitement when it came to the project, highlighting the Dark Souls universe’ rich universe as something he’s looking forward to diving into.

As for the comic’s launch date, you can pick up a copy of the first issue on April 6, just one week in advance of the Dark Souls III launch date on April 12.

Now for the real question: If this is indeed a comic book series based on the Dark Souls universe, will it bear the series’ trademark difficulty? Will the pages be cut and aligned in a way that they are more prone to slicing the fingers of readers, for instance? Will the panels be mixed about, upside-down and occasionally in a different language to make completion more difficult? If I stop reading the book partway through, will I have to start over from the very beginning when I pick it up to continue? Will it, by chance, spontaneously burst into flames?

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