Dark Souls III's Butt Glitch Is Super Hilarious

Large scale games with a lot of content, weapons, armor and clothing options are bound to have glitches here or there, some worse than others. In the case of From Software's Dark Souls III, there's a rather naughty glitch where the player-character's rear-end makes an appearance through some faulty robes.

Kotaku spotted the raucous that reared up over the raw rumps in Dark Souls III after it took Twitter by storm. One of the original tweets went out from a Japanese gamer on Twitter who showcased a quick clip of the glitch in action. Given that it's a bare bottom on display, I should warn you that the following video is likely not safe for work. So watch it at your peril.

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As noted in the article by Kotaku, the glitch appears to only happen when the player-character bends over or squats while wearing a robe. It results in the geometry around the buttocks of the character to clip through the character's body, causing a fleshy bare bottom to become exposed.

These kind of glitches are rather common with a lot of games. Wrestling titles like the WWE 2K series are notorious for glitches like the one above, where clothes, accessories and even hair will clip, glitch or completely disappear.

Compared to game-breaking bugs like the backpack bug in The Division where players were getting locked out of the game or the loading was getting stuck in a loop, the butt-glitch in Dark Souls III is rather tame.

The glitch was discovered by gamers who already have their hands on the title. From Software and Bandai Namco released the game over in Japan first and it's set to arrive later in April for the Americas and Europe. Apparently the butt-glitch was something From Software missed during the QA process, or it just wasn't high up on the radar. The glitch will likely be fixed by the time Dark Souls III makes its way to the West on April 12th.

In all likelihood From Software will have a day-one patch ready to push out to fix small errors, bugs and glitches like the one mentioned above. Then again maybe they'll just leave it in since it doesn't seem to be a game-disrupting bug? But I get the feeling Bandai will want this addressed ASAP to avoid any kind of social-media generated protests or blowback over the player-character's glitchy bareback.

On the upside, if there's another player griefing you on your journey that you really hate, you can always equip the robe and moon them while they hack and slash you to pieces. It may not be useful for combat purposes but... maybe mooning your enemies just might scare them off?

You can look for Dark Souls III to launch later this month for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.