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The standalone version of open-world zombie game DayZ seeks to correct many of the big weakspots in the original Arma 2 mod. A new blog update from Bohemia Interactive discusses the progress that they're making on several fronts.

The inventory system of the mod version of DayZ is, frankly, terrible. The redesigned inventory will be showed off soon, according to Bohemian. Players can expect crafting, weapon customization, and more. Me, I'd just be happy with an inventory system that doesn't accidentally drop all your worldly possessions on the ground.

Zombie pathfinding is being tweaked as well. To compensate for the zombie's wonky movements in the Arma 2 mod, the devs sped up their movement. However, now that they've made the zombies more intelligent, they can be slowed down to more reasonable speeds. Hopefully they don't run 10 feet in the wrong direction before they start chasing you anymore.

The dev team is also reworking the spawn system for zombies. Zombie spawns are now determined by the server rather than individual players. This means that zombies won't suddenly pop up when a player enters an area. It opens the door for zombies to migrate freely throughout the game world.

The standalone version of DayZ will debut later this year.

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