Subscribe To Dead Space 3 Screenshots Reveal Possible Co-op Mode Updates
It seems that we won't need to wait until E3 for the first Dead Space 3 information. Nine screenshots from the action horror game have been released, and they suggest that Isaac Clarke will have back-up in this adventure.

Isaac's companion in these screenshots (via AGB) appears to be Sergeant John Carver. Carver, if you recall, was introduced in an animated video on the DS3 website this week. Like Isaac, he's got his own bad-ass space suit. His visor is red instead of blue, though.

The exterior shots show an arctic environment. Presumably it's the planet Uxor seen in the animated video. Uxor features a human colony surrounding one of the mysterious Markers at the heart of the series' plot. After ships crash-land at the colony, Necromorphs begin to attack.

The countdown on the DS3 website suggests the game will be formally announced during EA's E3 press conference on June 4th.

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