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Ah, the holiday season of 2006 we had the release of the Sony PlayStation 3. That poor console got lambasted more times than Carson Daly at a celebrity roast...mostly because Daly isn't even a celebrity. Anyways, Sony has learned their lesson from the PS3's shortcomings and has decided to take a different route with the PS4, and Avalanche Studios says that the system is now a lot more accessible.

Speaking with Develop, CTO at Avalanche Studios, Linus Blomberg, noted that...
"Compared to the PS3 it's a walk in the park," ... "I think that's one of the major lessons Sony learned with the last generation, you have to be accessible for the developers to be successful. Of course, there's still some quirkiness involved, especially if you're used to a Windows development environment."

"The hardware as such is great, and will outperform most PC's for many years to come," ... "But the true greatness lies in the accessibility and ecosystem supporting it in terms of social connectivity and cloud services."

Oh, there it goes with that outperforming PCs comment again...right, right.

Still, it's promising to hear that the PS4 is making the design and production process easier for developers right out of the gate. It means you don't have to wait years for optimized ports or several month delays between releases, sort of like what happened with the PS3 back when it originally launched.

On the upside, Sony learned from their grave mistake of harboring egocentric ideas for their console design philosophy, which ultimately chewed off a large chunk of their own butt. This time around they're all about ease-of-access, open-door policies and welcoming in both indie studios and AAA developers with the PS4, or so that's the image they portrayed during their announcement of the console.

Avalanche Studios is rumored to be working on Just Cause 3 and a Mad Max game, but we won't know more until some official announcements arrive.

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