Diablo 3 TV Ad Says Evil Is Back

This weekend Blizzard Entertainment began airing a new television spot for Diablo 3. After a decade of waiting, fans of the series probably can't get anymore excited but maybe this video will get another girlish squeal of delight out of you.

The TV spot provides brief glimpses at many of the principle characters in the game: Leah, Azmodan, Diablo, and Tyrael. Yes, Tyrael's back for this game. I don't remember seeing him in the previous trailers but is it any surprise he'd show up in D3? He played a big role in D2 and probably the most recognizable character from the series aside from Diablo.

Azmodan, first revealed in a cinematic trailer from last fall, is one of the most powerful demons in Hell. He's searching for an artifact known as the Black Soulstone. No doubt players will try to prevent him from getting it.

D3 will make its worldwide debut on the PC and Mac on May 15th. Blizzard will be hosting a number of midnight launch events across the globe on that date.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.