The upcoming open-world RPG for PC and Xbox 360 is nearing release and we have up a new gameplay media blowout for gamers who want to see all that this game has to offer. The four new trailers feature secret passages, ground and air combat and a little item and customization management.

In a way, you could think of this game as Oblivion meets Lair. Literally, it looks a lot like the Elder Scrolls IV but fused in with the flying and mid-flight battles seen in the likes of Factor 5’s Lair for the PS3. It’s certainly not as visually stunning as the latter, but I think it can safely be said that this is the Xbox 360’s dragon-flying alternative to the PS3 exclusive.

You can check out all four of the gameplay trailers below. The game is due out early next year for PC and Xbox 360. For more information on Divinity 2 be sure to visit the Official Website.

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