Dominator Deploys Strategy PvP Beta On Facebook

Listen up, soldier. A new turn-based PvP action game has hit Facebook, bringing a post-apocalyptic battlefield to the world's largest social hub. Crazy Panda has officially launched the Dominator beta, and everyone and their mother is invited to tighten up their boot straps and go to war.

Boasting easy to understand but tough to master strategic warfar, Dominator hopes to dominate your online gaming with a new take on classic turn-based battles. Here's a snippet from the folks over at Crazy Panda:

“Fight to survive and outperform the other survivors around you. There are vast postwar territories to claim, yet it will not be easy: the global oil resources are running out, and so is your time. Gear up for the new worldwide confrontation, the kind never seen on Facebook before.”

Building and constantly upgrading your own base, produce military vehicles, recruit and train soldiers, then send everything out to take on your rivals. Rushing into battle unprepared is the fastest route to defeat in Dominator, making the meta-game of managing your own forces and resources just as important as deciding who/what will attack/defend where.

If all of that sounds like a grand ole' time, then you can read up on Dominator by heading to the game's official Facebook page. If you would rather just bypass all of that jibba-jabba and get straight to the fighting, then you can head on over the free-to-play game's app page, log on and get straight to the beta.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.