Another Friday has come and gone, which means it's time to once again show off a playable character class for the upcoming PlayStation 3/Vita brawler, Dragon's Crown. This week's offering is the Wizard. Based on the name alone, I'm guessing you have a pretty good idea about what this guy has to offer the team.

Spells. Lots and lots of spells is what seems to be the Wizard's specialty in upcoming Vanillaware game, Dragon's Crown. Whether it's shooting magical balls of energy across the room, engulfing baddies in a wave of fire, shocking surrounding foes with a ring or lightening or whisking everyone away in a series of miniature tornadoes, the Wizard looks to be a solid support character, capable of handling large numbers of enemies and even packing a few spells that'll come in handy when the fight gets up close and personal.

Over the past few week's, Vanillaware has introduced players to the game's various classes like clockwork. The reveals began with the Sorceress, moved on to the Dwarf and followed-up last week with the Elf. Now that we've seen the Wizard in action, that just leaves the Amazon and Fighter to take their moment in the spotlight with future class trailers.

If an old school brawler with new school RPG systems and gorgeous visuals seems like your idea of good time, you only have to wait until Aug. 6 to finally pick up Dragon's Crown. It'll be $39.99 for the portable version and $49.99 if you want to quest on the big screen.

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