The Dust 514 beta has been running for a couple of months now on PlayStation 3 and, starting May 14th, the game will celebrate its official launch with new systems, graphical upgrades and more.

A free-to-play first-person shooter that connects with the PC-based space MMO, EVE Online, Dust 514 forfeits galactic conquest and space battles for boots-on-the-ground multiplayer combat full of guns, grenades and various armored vehicles. The success of the factions on the ground can be swayed by what's happening in the air and vice versa, with victory in Dust providing better resources for players in EVE and EVE ships able to provide support through special abilities, like the artillery strike shown off in the above video.

Now that the beta phase is drawing to a close, Dust 514 executive producer Brandon Laurino announced plans for the official launch over on the PlayStation Blog.

“Even though Dust 514 is concluding beta phase with the phenomenal Uprising update—which includes tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update to huge new features like player-controlled Planetary Conquest—this is just the beginning,” Laurino said. “We have more major updates throughout 2013 and for years to come, just like we have done with EVE Online for the past 10 years.”

If you haven't taken Dust 514 for a spin yet, then the appropriately selected 5-14 release date might be the perfect time to jump in and try out this free-to-play first-person shooter for yourself.

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