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The Electronic Entertainment Expo wouldn't be complete without some deliberate form of competitive e-peen measurement. Nerds live and die by their hardware allegiances and brand loyalty, and this year's E3 was clearly dominated by the PC Master Race, with the platform coming away with the most wins for 2013's E3 while Microsoft's home consoles took second place.

The Game Critics Award released the stats on who won what and in which categories. There are some surprising winners, some uncalled for losers and some surprising top contenders for this year's E3 awards.

Whether you like them or not, Electronic Arts was the publisher that came away with the most wins, scoring eight victories spanning a number of games showcased throughout the biggest electronics entertainment trade show of the year. The game that helped them score that victory was also the E3 game of the show, Titanfall. The multiplatform first-person shooter features Call of Duty's fast-paced deathmatch gameplay but with some hulking mechs thrown in for good measure. This is also the game that seems to be driving a lot of attention and anticipation for Microsoft's Xbox One, set for release this holiday season.

The platform winner is determined by the games that are inherent to the platform, although multiplatform titles are also included but they count toward score for all available platforms that it will be released on. In this case, it's a sure sign of all the multiplatform and exclusive games for the PC is what made it stand out a point above the competition, scoring 11 wins while the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tied for 10 points a piece.

I'm sure a lot of people are questioning what's up with the PlayStation 4 and Wii U and where did they rank in this little technological ego-contest? Well, the PS4 managed to accrue only four wins and the Wii U faltered well into the zone of embarrassment with only one win. I guess Microsoft raiding Nintendo's Best Buy party and the Dorito Pope drilling Big Daddy Reggie at E3 really caused the Big 'N' to go limp at this year's E3. Don't worry, though, they'll bring the digital Viagra at TGS 2013... they just have to!

Fanboys can rage all they want, but those are how the dice fell, folks. The critics of the Doritocracy have spoken and they have spoken loud and well.

Many fanboys from the PC Master Race and the SDF and Xbot camp all came in to argue why some games weren't rewarded more than others, especially The Witcher 3, but only playable games counted for the win. So, tough luck to all the cool games you couldn't play at E3.

I think, though, the wins are a bit disingenuous given that many of all the cool games for the Xbox One, with a few exceptions, were running on high-end computers with GTX 780s. Then again, I guess that also explains why the PC Master Race still came out the winner, eh?

(Complete list of Game Critics Awards E3 winners)

Winner Breakdown By # of Wins

Six Wins:

One Win:
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Need for Speed: Rivals
NHL 14
Oculus Rift
The Elder Scrolls Online
Total War: Rome II
Watch Dogs

Publisher Breakdown
Eight Wins:
Electronic Arts

One Win:
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Sony Computer Entertainment
Supergiant Games
Oculus VR

Platform Breakdown By # Of Wins
(Notes: Multiplatform games are counted in all appropriate platform tallies. Information based on announced platforms for each game as of 7/1/2013)
PC: 11 (+4 from 2012; Same as 2011)
Xbox One: 10 (new)
Xbox 360: 10 (-2 from 2012; -4 from 2011)
PS4: 4 (new)
PS3: 3 (-12 from 2012; -6 from 2011)
Wii-U: 1 (same as 2012)
PSVita: 1 (same as 2012)

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