E3 2013: PS4's Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Renamed Final Fantasy XV

To quote a bunch of other people who saw the trailer for the PlayStation 4 reveal of Square's next-gen line-up: “GG MS, you tried”. With that said, Sony had Square Enix unveil, or rather, re-unveil Final Fantasy Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV, and so far they've named it as an exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

We all suspected this game of being vaporware, but Square went and did something we all wanted them to do: finish Versus XIII and show us some freaking gameplay. They promised both by giving us news about the title and showcasing some brand spanking new gameplay that blew all expectations out of the freaking water.

FF XV isn't even remotely close to what you might be expecting from a Final Fantasy title. There's all sorts of crazy jumping, environmental interaction, enemy encounters and combat that just wipes the floor with every single XIII title before it.

The game, we last heard, was deep in development hell with no word on progress or a release date in sight, but we did get some slight hint that the game was still in development. There were just some cinematics and some loose character details. Well, now we find out that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV and it will be arriving for the PlayStation 4.

We'll keep you posted on when Square rolls out an official release date and more info when it becomes available.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.