Out of all that corporate spy stuff and shill-hullabaloo, I can't believe we completely forgot about the once prime-time console player during the 1990s, Sega. Yes, the company in charge of the edgy blue animal with an attitude unveiled their line-up for E3, starting this upcoming Monday and the top game of the bunch is Sonic Lost World for the Wii U.

Unconcerned with used game DRM, online copyright protection and restricting users like the Xbox 1(984), Nintendo is focusing the Wii U on building a strong library of exclusive titles catered around the specialties of the Wii U and their GamePade, and this includes Sega's upcoming Wii U exclusive, Sonic Lost World.

The game seems to take on the Super Mario Galaxy paradigm of three-dimensional stage interactivity, where the basic platform model has been done away with and players will go around, through, in and out of stages in very creative ways while also maintaining Sonic's trademark speed and platforming verticality. But let's not let Sonic overshadow the other games on the list, which includes the following games:
* Castle of Illusion
* Company of Heroes 2
* Total War: ROME II
* The Cave

Well, that's not that bad a list...I guess. Castle of Illusion certainly looks fascinating.

Anyway, many of the titles will not only be showcased at E3 but showfloor goers will actually be able to play the games and test them out first-hand.

You can learn more about Sega's E3 line-up by paying a visit to their official website.

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