Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida had mentioned before that Sony wouldn't be banning people for accessing their PlayStation 4 units early. This was in direct response to Microsoft, who went out of their way to ban legitimate customers who bought and paid for an Xbox One but weren't allowed to access any of its features.

Gearnuke followed through with keeping track of one early-adopter's escapades into the pre-launch play of his PlayStation 4. The fellow, going by the Twitter handle of cjcool84, posted photos and tried posting videos of his sessions with the PlayStation 4. As you can see, he tried logging in to PSN to update his PS4 and received the following message:

He also managed to show off the installation screen of Killzone: Shadow Fall followed by a quick snippet of the options menu, which you can also view below. No bans for this fellow in sight.

Well that seems to work and work well. The reason this fellow isn't meeting much of any resistance from Sony is because unlike the rival console on the market, Sony doesn't ban people for just trying to play on their several-hundred dollar game console.

As many of you know, Microsoft dropped banhammers on anyone trying to unbrick their console. The ridiculous part about it, however, is that if you don't get the patch then your Xbox One is effectively a brick. Literally.

Now it's not all rose gardens and strawberry-coconut margaritas in the Sony camp. The same fellow tweeting photos of his play-experience with the PlayStation 4 also tried hosting videos but he was hit with the legal copyright claim on his YouTube video. Hooray for corporate interference.

The PlayStation 4 is due out this week in North America but you can grab the day-one patch right now. Prepare for greatness... it awaits your arrival.

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