Update: The beta weekend has begun. Here's a list of sites giving away invites.

Original article: The Elder Scrolls Online beta servers are going back online this weekend as expected. ZeniMax has begun sending out beta keys to the new test.

This next beta weekend will begin on February 28th at 12PM EDT. During the event, players will be able to create characters in any of the game's three alliances. The beta will wrap up on March 2nd at 11:59PM EDT. Players are allowed to download the client files prior to the test launch to maximize their play time.

There's an extra incentive to play the beta besides the free hands-on experience. All players who participated in this weekend's event will unlock a monkey pet. The monkey won't help you in combat but he'll make your organ grinder cosplay easier at least. The pet will be unlocked for your account at launch.

Unlike past beta events for Elder Scrolls Online, this upcoming weekend will not have an NDA. ZeniMax wants you to be able to chat about the game to your heart's content from now until launch.

"We encourage you to post the best screenshots and videos from your adventure - share using #esobeta! You're not required to follow a Non-Disclosure Agreement during this test, so share your favorite moments with the world."

The developers don't plan to hold an open beta for ESO before its April launch on PC and Mac. However, they said in the past that every eligible player who signed up will get an invitation eventually. It's just a matter of when.

ZeniMax is looking to test their servers' capacity with these last beta events. Case in point: the invites sent out today include two beta codes. The first is tied to your email address but you can send the second to any friend you want. Websites like GameRevolution and MMORPG.com are also giving out tens of thousands of keys to eager players. If you want a key, it'll be hard not to get one.

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